Barnegat Twp Water & Sewer Utl
Barnegat Twp Water & Sewer Utl
Barnegat Twp Water & Sewer Utl
Barnegat Twp Water & Sewer Utl
Barnegat Township Water & Sewer

Barnegat Township Utilities mission is to serve the people that live, work and visit our community. We take pride in our staff of trained professionals that continuously work to ensure that a safe supply of drinking water is available when you need it. The highest quality of drinking water and efficient wastewater disposal services are provided through the use of knowledgeable management principles, modern scientific practices and effective planning to maintain our infrastructure and safeguard public health while imposing minimal impact on our environment. All of the plans, improvements and system changes are developed in an effort to continue to meet or surpass all mandated Federal and State regulations and standards.

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About Barnegat Township Water & Sewer

In 1908 Barnegat welcomed a central water system, Barnegat Water Company, owned by Luther Cox. Luther was the son of Captain “Billy” and Marietta Cox who built the Cox House, which stands at the corner of Route 9 and Bay Avenue. The Cox House was the first house in Barnegat to have running water.

Barnegat Water Company was privately owned until the early 1980’s when it was purchased by Barnegat Township and is now operated by the Barnegat Township Utilities Department. We maintain, approximately, 78 miles of water mains and 80 miles of sewer mains servicing a population of 24,296. Currently there are 8346 water service connections being supplied by 6 wells and 2 one million gallon water towers and 7767 sanitary sewer connections serviced by 19 sewer pump stations.

Barnegat Township Water & Sewer
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This “Personal  Disaster Preparedness Guide” is a comprehensive gathering of all of your personal information, assets, liabilities, etc.

Please take the time to download and review this very important and resourceful guide and complete the information referenced in the forms.  Keep a copy for yourself and retain another copy with a family member/friend/safety deposit box etc. outside of the home. This guide also contains critical information regarding what to do in case of an emergency along with State and Federal resources and contact information.


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